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The original works are sent in a protective tube, so they do not include frames, we will send canvases rolled and protected, thus ensuring that no damage is done on the way.
The person acquiring the artwork will have to place it in a frame if desired.
The shipping time can take between 7 and 21 days, depending on the country of destination, usually the shipments will be made from Barcelona.
The sending of originals is certified, protected and tracked by the client and the artist, to ensure that it arrives well, if the destination of the work is in Barcelona, it is most likely that the same artist will deliver.
Shipping costs within Europe are included in the price, if you require a delivery in another part of the world, do not hesitate to contact us to find an alternative.
The colours of all the images in this web, can be different due to the photographic quality and also the saturation of colour and contrast of the personal configuration of the screen and the different devices of the person who sees it, nevertheless in the photographs here we have tried to respect the original colours of the work of art.
Measurements can vary some millimeters. The surplus of the canvases that were originally in a frame, are respected so that the person who acquires the work, can decide between cutting them to frame or to stretch them again in wood.
Leo Altamirano will not cede the copyright or the intellectual property of the work of art when he sells it, remaining the owner of the rights of modification, alteration and reproduction of the image, either for advertising by the same artist or for commercial purposes. The person who buys the artwork acquires ownership of the original.
If you want a business invoice, you will need to send the necessary billing information through an email.